Support a Brave Soul

Our apparel is dedicated to the journeys of individuals who have experienced cancer and would like to share their stories. Our products are of the highest quality and mostly made in North America. Proceeds go directly to support programs in your own community. Feel good about every purchase – our brave souls, and your closet, will thank you.



Made of 60% bamboo rayon and 40% Sorona polyester for a very soft, luxurious feel, the Tamara Tee is a wardrobe classic. It’s named in honour of Tamara, who was a 30-year-old newlywed when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, one of leading causes of death in women. Luckily, it was in the early stages and very treatable. Fifteen years later, the mother of two was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time, enduring months of chemo and multiple surgeries. “Cancer is very humbling, it makes you vulnerable and scared, but being surrounded by love and wearing lots of lipstick helped get me through those dark days!” Today, Tamara is hopeful that she’s cancer-free. Her advice: “Don't ignore symptoms because you’re afraid of what you might find. Both times my cancer was found because I went with my instincts and advocated for myself.”



If T-shirts could be made of tephlon, we would make one and call it the Martin Tee. While in his late 60’s, Martin noticed, “changes in bladder activity” and knew something just wasn’t right. After a referral to an urologist and a subsequent biopsy, Martin recalls the news from his doctor, “the bad news is you have Prostate Cancer, the good news is we caught it early and it’s treatable”. Faced with the choice of surgery or brachytherapy (use of radioactive pellets or seeds placed directly into the prostate), Martin reached out to other Prostate Cancer survivors and decided on surgery. After a successful surgery, he now has a more positive outlook on life and considers every problem minor compared to dealing with cancer. 



Laura lost her entire family to cancer. When she tested positive at age 27 for the BRCA 1 gene mutation, she decided to take control of her life and have a bilateral double mastectomy. “Knowledge is power. Being proactive is so important & when you can be proactive with your health you have the whole world in front of you. Emotionally it was hard for me to lose my breasts, but I would rather live without breasts then be faced with the fear of cancer. I feel empowered and courageous. I am proud of my scars.” Laura has now devoted her life to raising awareness and helping others through their personal journeys.  Warrior defined.



Made of microfiber modal to keep you ultra-cool, the sporty Pat Tee has a luxurious feel.  It’s named for Pat, a young, healthy man in his 40s from Ontario, Canada. During a routine medical exam, Pat was shocked to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. After surgery and a period of recovery, Pat is back to his active, healthy lifestyle. The “Sport the Stash” T-shirt motif brings awareness to prostate cancer, one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers amongst men.