Laura and her mother.

Laura and her mother.



The recovery was a process, every day was different. Some days I had a lot of energy, some I felt like my recovery was going backwards. Everyone is different though, and no story is the exact same. Myself, I am proud of my scars, I think positive, I cry sometimes, I am learning to live and love my new breasts. Every person in this world has a shell that we all see and what we were given from our parents. But it isn’t the shell that is important, it is what is inside that counts, its experience, its love, kindness, it’s what we hold in our heart and our soul. Everyone has a soul and if your soul is beautiful that is what makes you the most beautiful person. I also want to thank my incredible husband for always standing by my side and supporting me. You have made this journey so much easier for me and always telling me I look beautiful when I felt my lowest. You have supported me, comforted me, took care of me, and gave me so much love that I am so thankful for.



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